Do you know of people who can help us?

Readers at WattClarity might recall that we have asked the question above a couple of times in recent weeks – and a big thanks to those who responded already!

We’re blessed with opportunities at present (have been for a while, really) – to help a greater number of clients, by delivering more value in shorter time.  All related to our Reason-for-Being of “making the market more understandable, so our clients can make better decisions”

We’re hoping that you might be able to put us in contact with others who can help us in either (or both) of the following ways:

Market Analysts
… who can help us understand more
Software Engineers
… who can help us build faster
We’re keen to hear from those who can help us understand what we have missed, or misunderstood:
(a)  in what we build into our Software; and hence
(b)  through the inferences we draw – and sometimes share on WattClarity, such as in these Case Studies.


That’s not the only role these ‘Market Analysts’ would play for us, and we have happy to discuss further (one-on-one) with interested parties.
(a)  For instance, we have a growing number of guest authors on WattClarity who are helping our readers by sharing their insights here – but importantly also helping us directly as well!
(b)  These guest authors are a subset of the broader group of people who are helping us in various ways to understand different nuances of the NEM better and better … some part of our ‘Customer Advisory Board’.

Our things to do’ listing (more formally called a ‘Backlog’) contains enough already to keep us going out till around 2030 or thereabouts – no joke.

That list keeps growing in a variety of ways:
(a)  such as the insights produced via our Generator Report Card 2018 – only some of which we shared in the report itself (others we want to build into the software we provide – or in ventures we invest in);
(b)  we would expect a similar dividend to return back to us through the preparation of the Generator Statistical Digest 2019.

It’s a nice position to be in – and we are grateful of our client’s appreciation of us in that:
(a)  A growing number of clients are using our software tools; and
(b)  There’s no shortage of helpful suggestions coming in from this expanding client base (some new, some 10+ years into a relationship).

We’d like to be developing more quickly, if we could find a way to utilise additional resources who could hit the ground running with us (given what we’re doing, we don’t have a lot of time to focus on recruitment and elaborate onboarding currently).

Hence it would take a pretty particular person to be able to slot in and contribute well at the present point in time.

If you know us well (where we are headed, and what makes us tick) you might know of others who would be able to slot in well, and hit the ground running?

Our prime focus needs to be the growing number of clients using a range of our software packages (including NEMwatch, NEMreview and ez2view) – but we’re also happy to share some insights on WattClarity.  There never seems to be an end to the ways in which we can continue to improve!

We’re keen to talk with those who can help us in either (or both!) of these ways – and don’t have pre-set ideas for how these arrangements might work.  This might be full-time or part-time, and it might be internal or external.

Hence please do point them in our direction:

(C1)  Call us on +61 7 3368 4064; or

(C2)  Provide details for us on this feedback form.

Thanks, in advance, for letting us know if you know of others who can help us help our clients better.

About the Author

Paul McArdle
One of three founders of Global-Roam back in 2000, Paul has been CEO of the company since that time. As an author on WattClarity, Paul's focus has been to help make the electricity market more understandable.

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