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This widget is known by a number of different names – including “RenewEconomy widget” or the “NEMwatch widget”, or sometimes just “NEMwatch” (not to be confused with the licensed/installed “NEMwatch” application we developed back in 2000 and have continued serving clients with since that time).

This widget is freely accessible to you ... thanks to the sponsorship of RenewEconomy.

(A)  Parties involved in providing you the NEMwatch widget

There are two main parties involved in bringing this widget to you … but many others are involved as well:

Party Contribution

Global-Roam Pty Ltd

Widget Developer/Owner

We (Global-Roam Pty Ltd)  have developed this widget:

(a)  We appreciate the opportunity to broaden the visibility of the fuel mix

(b)  Amongst the other products we provide are the licensed/installed “NEMwatch” application, who also this WattClarity ® market insights service:

i.  whilst you are on this site, you might like to browse the insights shared with our readers here.

ii.  don’t forget you can also subscribe at to ensure we alert you when new articles are published.

iii.  You’ll also find that WattClarity has a presence on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Widget Sponsor

This widget would not be possible without the sponsorship that’s been provided over many years by RenewEconomy, the primary host of this widget.  Many thanks!

(a)  We appreciate the opportunity to work with RenewEconomy in this particular way;

(b)  There are other ways we work with RenewEconomy as well – for instance:

i.  You’ll find some articles from WattClarity copied over to RenewEconomy (some by Paul McArdle, Marcelle Gannon, and others)

ii.  You’ll also find insights from some of our other products also shared on RenewEconomy.

A growing number of

Third Parties

In addition to the two primary parties, also important are the growing number of third parties who have chosen to embed this widget on their own websites in order to help spread the understanding of the fuel supply mix supporting both the Australian NEM in the east, and Western Australia’s WEM in the south-west of the state.

You are able to embed this widget yourself at no charge – just enter your email address under the “</> Embed” button on the widget and follow the instructions you will be emailed.

We appreciate the opportunity to bring this widget to you!


(B)  Here’s the widget

Here’s a large-size view of the widget … but remember you can control the size of the widget when you embed it into your site (just follow the instructions under the “</> Embed” button.

You might note that there are actually three different versions of this widget:

Widget number 1

Widget number 2

Widget number 3

The widget you see above is embedded on many pages across the internet:

 1)  It’s on RenewEconomy articles; and

2)  It’s here on WattClarity (above); and

3)  It’s also on a variety of 3rd party websites as well:

(a)  it’s no charge to embed; and

(b)  all you need to do is follow the instructions under the “</> Embed” button.

There is a larger version of this widget, complete with tabulation of the current data, exclusively on the RenewEconomy website here:

Simply access this page by clicking through on the ‘Widget Data’ button on the website.

For our NEMwatch clients, we’ve also provided a copy of the widget here:

We appreciate the opportunity to serve RenewEconomy, its readers, and others, through provision of this widget.


(C)  Explaining the buttons on the widget

On the widget above you will see 5 buttons shown:

Button: What it is for?
‘More Data’

This button opens up Widget #2 listed in the table above.

‘Info’ (i.e. about this Widget)

This button opens up to this page, which provides (on this page and those linked) further information about the widget.


A few different ways you might want to share what you see happening in Australia’s electricity fuel mix supply/demand balance at the moment.


To embed Widget #1 on your own 3rd party website please click on the button, and follow the instructions.  There is no charge to embed – thanks to the sponsorship of RenewEconomy.


Hopefully the linked FAQs have answered 95% of the questions you might have!

If they do not, please feel free to provide us direct feedback.

Hopefully you will find these to be of some use.


(D)  Explaining % VRE and % Renewables

In November 2022 we extended this widget to include near real time metrics for % VRE and % Renewables for the two main grids.

This page has been developed to explain these measures.


(E)  More information about this widget

This page (and pages linked below) have been prepared to answer Frequently asked questions we have received

on the Widget: Brief Notes, and Links
About Supply and Demand

On this linked page here, we explain why supply and demand need to be considered as a pair at the same instant in time in order to gain a true picture of what’s happening in the electricity market.

Cadence, Timestamps, and Data Points

We’ve prepared this page here to provide an explanation about the different types of data included in the RenewEconomy widget, including:

1)  Where it comes from (and what it means);

2)  How frequently it is measured … or estimated;

3)  How it is aggregated.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

We’ve appreciated the opportunity to enhance visibility and understanding of the NEM’s energy transition via this widget for many years.

Over that time (through the Feedback button, or otherwise) we’ve frequently received a number of the same questions, again and again … for instance:

Q1)  Where is NT, or the ACT?

Q2)  What is ‘demand the AEMO doesn’t see’?

Q3)  What happens, when Supply > Demand (or Demand > Supply)?

Q4)  Why can’t I see percentages here?


In this linked Frequently Asked Questions page, we have provided detailed explanations to these and other questions, so we would suggest you check these first, before asking the same question again!

Evolution of this Widget

On this page here we have provided a chronological record of the progressive enhancement of this widget.

About our Widgets

This widget is one of a number of widgets we have developed over the years… and, indeed, through our ez2view software clients can make their own embeddable time-series widgets.

Supply and demand for electricity are inextricably linked on an instantaneous basis – hence the combination of these two data points in the RenewEconomy widget.

In a similar way, there is a tight relationship between weather patterns (and particularly temperature) and levels of electricity consumption. That’s the reason we worked with Energy Consumers Australia to put together the “ECA Widget” described here.

Some of the other widgets are discussed here.

Perhaps we can help you through the development, for you, of a widget that focuses on a particular point of interest you have in the competitive energy market?

If so, please call us on +61 (0)7 3368 4064 to discuss.

Feedback, or other Specific Questions

Hopefully the linked FAQs have answered 95% of the questions you might have!

If you have more questions about this widget, please drop us a line using this feedback form, remembering to provide us a phone number we can reach you on if we have questions about your suggestions..


We’ll continue updating this page as required.