Internal Authors

Since the WattClarity site was first developed, a number of our staff here at Global-Roam have made contributions to the site.

Staff About

Paul McArdle

Paul is the CEO and founder of Global-Roam, and the principal author of WattClarity.

Writing on WattClarity is a natural extension of the use of our software products to understand more about the energy sector – and also another logical way of making complexity understandable to readers who visit our site.

Marcelle Gannon

Marcelle is a software engineer and market analyst keen on the transition to renewable energy. She has energy sector experience working at the AEMO and for a renewables developer.

Marcelle joined us in 2020, and works in a role that enables her to deliver value in relation to both Software Engineering and Market Analysis.

In addition to the articles that she publishes on WattClarity, some of Marcelle’s insights will find its way into our Deeper Insights publications, as well as helping to drive our software further.

Linton Corbet

Linton joined Global-Roam as a software engineer and market analyst in August 2020. Prior to joining us, he worked with the AEMO for 7 years, and before that, as an air quality scientist.

Linton’s analysis will be included in our Deeper Insights publications, and his experience and insights will assist us in our software development.

From time-to-time some others in our team have posted analysis on WattClarity – including the following:
Dan Lee Dan has worked with us in various capacities over the years, including in the development and upgrade of the WattClarity site.

As part of this process, Dan has occasionally posted – you can find Dan’s articles here.

Carol Hunter Carol Hunter is a software engineer and product manager who worked with us for a number of years up until mid-2018.

As a natural outcome of what Carol was doing with us, a number of articles emerged – which you can find here.


If you or someone you know, is interested in joining our team as a market analyst, software engineer, both, or in another role, then please drop us a line using this feedback form.