Other Resources

It was back in late 2007 that the WattClarity® service was established, as a means for sharing particular insights about Australia’s National Electricity Market with our readers.  This built from the service being provided by our pre-existing software products – including NEMwatch (the real-time dashboard to the NEM) and NEMreview (the historically-focused analytical tool).

Given that our broader service offering has grown, we’ve expanded this site to link in some of the additional resources (mostly free to access) that readers might find of value, such as the following

Widgets Our “widgets” are bite-sized pieced of content, sometimes produced in collaboration with a 3rd party sponsor, that are focused on providing visibility of certain aspects of Australia’s energy sector.  Some of these widgets are linked here.
Explanations and Training As time has progressed, we’ve recognised the need to augment the regular articles on this site with more focused explanations of particular aspects of the NEM.
Other information sites In parallel with the WattClarity service, we’ve also been involved in the establishment and provision of a number of other information sites focused on other energy-related topics, described here.