Our “widgets” are bite-sized pieced of content, sometimes produced in collaboration with a 3rd party sponsor.

Like WattClarity®, some of them are provided free-to-access thanks to the support of the sponsors who have helped us put them together. Three of our widgets that you might have seen in different locations in the web are as follows:

RenewEconomy-sponsored “Supply and Demand” widget This NEMwatch widget provides a live view of the supply/demand mix across the regions of the NEM, and we’ve embedded it on this page, and included an explanation of what’s included in the widget.
ECA Widget We worked with Energy Consumers Australia to produce a map-based view of live electricity consumption in the main grids of Australia.

We’ve embedded it on this page, and included and explanation of what’s included in the widget.

Battery Finder ™ Widget We worked with the Energy Storage Council to compile an extensive list of makes and models of battery storage products that are available (or have been available) for residential use in Australia.

We’ve embedded it on this page.

There’s more information about our collaboration with the Storage Council at www.BatteryStorage.info

Forecast LOR Conditions These widgets were added in as a result of the ‘2022 Energy Crisis’.

Perhaps we can also develop a widget with your sponsorship? Call us on +61 (0)7 3368 4064 to learn more.

There are also thousands of widgets available to our ez2view clients within the software they can access. For ez2view clients these can be either:

  • Installed locally with the software and showing live confidential data from the clients own MMS; or
  • Web-based widgets that can also be client-generated, and embedded on third party websites as part of their licence arrangements.