Guest Authors

As WattClarity has grown as a service, we have seen an increased interest in hearing from an expanding range of guest authors who can make different parts of the expanding energy sector more understandable for our readers.  Where we remember to do so, we tag articles from guest authors this way.

A small number of particular guest authors are highlighted in the table below, in alphabetical order (though note there are many more):

Guest Author About the author
Jonathon Dyson Jonathon Dyson is founder and CEO of Greenview Strategic Consulting, a company that we work with in a number of ways.

You can find Jonathon’s articles linked here.

Allan O’Neil Allan O’Neil is a very smart analyst providing independent services to a range of clients, backed by decades of experience in the Australian energy sector.

He has written a range of articles for WattClarity, including a number of pieces of forensic analysis specifically looking into specific NEM events.  You can find Allan’s articles here.

Michael Williams Mike Williams is an experienced energy manager working in, and with, large energy users.  These energy users are the types of energy users we serve with our deSide® software to help with their (spot exposure) Demand Response. 

You can find Mike’s collection of articles here.

If you know of others who would be good contributors to “making the energy sector understandable”, please let us know? We would be very interested to have a conversation with them about being involved.