Semi-Scheduled Generation

Case Study of 5 Events (between 11:00 to 15:00) on Wednesday 7th November 2018 … where aggregate Raw Off-Target was above 300MW for Semi-Scheduled units

This 15th Case Study is longer than the earlier 14 as it deals with 4 discrete instances of extreme level of collective under-performance, and 1 instance of over-performance, all within a 4-hour timeframe on the same day. A day which appears to have had widespread weather activity affecting the output of BOTH Wind and Solar across 3 Regions. A challenging day!

Extrapolating from the trend of ‘Aggregated Raw Off-Target’ results, to yield some clues to what the future might hold … and one challenge for NEM 2.0

Following on from Friday’s article (which considered the AER Issues Paper) this article delves into more detail of those extremes of ‘Aggregate Raw Off-Target’ across all Semi-Scheduled units that have been recorded over the past 10 years. There’s a clear clustering of cases in 2019 – what does it mean?