Semi-Scheduled Generation

Case Study of 5 Events (between 11:00 to 15:00) on Wednesday 7th November 2018 … where aggregate Raw Off-Target was above 300MW for Semi-Scheduled units

This 15th Case Study is longer than the earlier 14 as it deals with 4 discrete instances of extreme level of collective under-performance, and 1 instance of over-performance, all within a 4-hour timeframe on the same day. A day which appears to have had widespread weather activity affecting the output of BOTH Wind and Solar across 3 Regions. A challenging day!

Extrapolating from the trend of ‘Aggregated Raw Off-Target’ results, to yield some clues to what the future might hold … and one challenge for NEM 2.0

Following on from Friday’s article (which considered the AER Issues Paper) this article delves into more detail of those extremes of ‘Aggregate Raw Off-Target’ across all Semi-Scheduled units that have been recorded over the past 10 years. There’s a clear clustering of cases in 2019 – what does it mean?

Striving to understand the underlying challenges with Semi-Scheduled generators (re AER Issues Paper)

Prompted by the recent AER Issues Paper (submissions on that due today – Friday 24th July) but also aware that I’ve not yet published some broader thoughts in response to the ESB’s requests for input into their Discussion Paper on the Two Sided Market concept, I’ve posted some further thoughts. These have been informed by a longitudinal analysis of Aggregate ‘Raw Off-target’ values across all Semi-Scheduled plant.