Case Study of Friday 20th January 2023 (Part 1) … large instance of collective over-performance for Semi-Scheduled units

Earlier today we posted about Friday 3rd February 2023 – which featured two sequential instances of large collective under-performance for Semi-Scheduled units (and something that was flagged in analysis for GenInsights Quarterly Updates for Q1 2023).

Also worth noting in the same bundle of analysis is Friday 20th January 2023, which looked as follows (in terms of Aggregate Raw Off-Target across Semi-Scheduled units:


We see that, from around the time the sun rose on the day the vast majority of dispatch intervals feature collective under-performance.  But this flips from around 15:25 with a bunch of instances of over-performance seen together, with the largest being AggROT = -497MW at 16:25 on the day.

This is another event that might be further explored in subsequent extensions to this Case Study.

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