2021 – 25th May – Callide C4 Explosion, Fire and Outage

A collection of articles that began on Tuesday 25th May 2021, when Callide C4 unit exploded, which:

1)  Led to loss of supply from sister units Callide C3, and B2 and B1 – but also others close

2)  And also blackouts for a sizeable amount of Queensland due to under-frequency load shedding

3)  And a very long repair process

4)  Hence some concerns about the supply-demand balance, and prices

5)  And an insolvency of one of the JV owners

6)  There also was a lengthy process to report on the original cause of the explosion.

In this category we collate an expanding range of articles related to one or more of the above.

Loss of ~2000MW of demand in Queensland on Tuesday 25th May

A quick snapshot from NEMwatch at 14:20 today highlighting the loss of approximately 2000MW of demand this afternoon – dropping the level of Scheduled Demand down to 3,775MW: The AEMO Market Notice highlighted says: ——————————————————————- MARKET NOTICE ——————————————————————- From :             …