Gas-fired generation up following the Callide C4 Catastrophe

I’m pretty sure we’re not the only ones engaging in an ongoing discussion via email and other channels about various aspects of the Callide C4 Catastrophe – with an eclectic group of internal and external stakeholders.  Some of these conversations are about these 7 Headline Questions, whilst other conversations are related to other aspects.

Falling under the umbrella of Question 5 (i.e. ‘Risks through till early June?’), one of our clients included this snapshot from the 14:40 dispatch interval this afternoon using their layout of ez2view:


Thanks for that!

This person (a keen ez2view user) was highlighting the increased gas use for generation in QLD, which has played some role in forcing the price of gas up, which is then flowing through to electricity spot prices.

As they note, it’s not all that often that you see 5 units at Braemar running heavily.  Not highlighted on the image, but worth noting as well, is that Condamine is running as well.

They wonder how plentiful gas supplies are?!

Also notable are:

1)  Kogan Creek has come offline (presumably to fix the tube leak it was limping along with); and

2)  Today we also see choppy output of solar this afternoon (across the whole state – but worse for the ones in the south), given the cloudy weather.

More factors to keep in mind!

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