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Bye X5, Hi X5

From 16th March 2023 the infamous ‘x5 constraint’ has been split into two. We quickly showed previously that the design of the Left Hand Side (LHS) does not vary. In today’s article, valued guest author Allan O’Neil takes a look at what is different.

Farewell Liddell

Guest author, Allan O’Neil, takes the release of the GSD2022 as an opportunity to take a look at the past 10 years of performance of the four-unit Liddell Power Station (one unit closed in 2022 and three to close soon in 2023), contrasting against two other black coal-fired stations.

Why the Adelaide storm was so intense

Ant Sharwood of Weatherzone provides some insights into the intensity of last weekend’s thunderstorms in South Australia, which had severe impacts on the state’s transmission network.

Back to the future

Greg Thorpe of Oakley Greenwood discusses some of the latest developments in the electricity sector which could be described as ‘back to the future’.. and provides a forecast of what might follow.

Biggest market correction in history

As a sequel to his earlier article, Carl Daley looks at the a number of record corrections in electricity forward prices that occurred yesterday, coming after weeks of decline.