Early observations from examining the AEMO’s four-second SCADA data from Tuesday afternoon

As I haven’t seen anything posted elsewhere, here’s a view of some selected fields from AEMO’s four-second SCADA (causer pays) data set that sheds a bit more light on the sequence of events last Tuesday.

Dundonnell windfarm tripped off rapidly and this was presumably driven by the initial fault as the 500kV lines near Anakie were flattened. System frequency then rose a little, possibly due to some customer loads around Melbourne tripping off in response to the voltage dip (my own airconditioning for one).

Interestingly, the Loy Yang A units don’t seem to go offline immediately and instead appear to progressively run down over about a minute, with unit 2 charting a different course from its cousins (maybe a coincidence, but it’s a different turbine-generator make from the other three LYA units).

All the usual caveats about this SCADA data not necessarily being completely accurate, and we certainly have to await AEMO’s reporting based on much fuller data to understand the underlying reasons for these events.


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