Weekend Homework, before discussion on GenInsights21 for AEC Members next Tuesday (26th April 2022)

On Tuesday next week, (co-author) Jonathon Dyson and I are speaking at a web forum organised by the Australian Energy Council for its members – with the reference material being GenInsights21 (along with perhaps a bit from the GSD2021 as well) and the topic being ‘NEM Generation performance, and what it means for future challenges’:


We’re looking forward to it!


(A)  Weekend Homework…

Given that there never seems to be enough time in the working week (at least for me) that means that there’s some weekend homework coming up…

(A1)  … for the presenters

For Jonathon and myself, the homework entails finishing off the presentation … which requires us to nail down which particular aspects of the large report we will be walking through with this audience (including the two topics flagged in the invite members have received, of course).

So there’s a bit more work that has to continue before Tuesday morning!

(A2)  … for the AEC Member audience

Because of the background of the audience (and also especially because this video recording of our prior presentation to the audience organised by Smart Energy Council is available on WattClarity here, with the listener’s guide provided underneath) we won’t be starting right at the start … but instead will be assuming that our AEC member audience next Tuesday has already invested an hour to watch/listen through that recording.

That way we’ll be able to get to jump in deeper into the content, given the audience will have already been through this initial presentation beforehand.  It could also lend itself to some especially interesting questions at the end!

Of course, if you’re an AEC member and have not yet registered to be involve, we’d suggest you contact them ASAP for participation details.


(B)  Other background reading about GenInsights21

The GenInsights21 report is 622 pages long, so there’s a fair bit in it.

On the WattClarity website, we’ve been posting articles from time to time referencing some small samples of what’s inside of GenInsights21 – we’ve been trying to remember to tag them so they are all collected here.  More fundamentally, we’ve also set up some more structured pages here, including with reference to:

1)  The 22 Key Observations distilled in Part 2, within Volume 1; and

2)  The 28 ‘Deep Dive’ Appendices that are contained within Volume 2.

On Social Media, you’ll find some discussion tagged #GenInsights21 on Twitter, and also discussion tagged #GenInsights21 on LinkedIn … and, no doubt, elsewhere as well.

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