Generator Statistical Digest 2021 (GSD2021)

As noted here, on Monday 28th March 2022, we released the Generator Statistical Digest 2021 (i.e. the GSD2021).

This page, and several linked pages, have been designed to provide information about this digest, and how it fits into what came beforehand.


How can I access the GSD2021?

The table below outlines how to order and access the GSD2021 and/or the optional Data Extract.

Order Access



To order the GSD2021, or to order the GSD2021 + Data Extract, please complete this form and return to us:


Order Form GSD2021

After we receive your order, we will:

  1. Set you up with electronic access;
  2. Organise the delivery of your bound-hard copy; and
  3. Process your payment and provide a tax invoice.

Clients who have already ordered can access the electronic PDF of the document at the link below.

Download the GSD2021 (PDF)

To use our downloads site, you’ll need to log in or register an account using your organisation’s email address. Please keep in mind that:

  • the document is a large (48Mb – for 750+ pages) PDF so keep this in mind if on a low-speed link
  • this process works in Chrome, Edge and Safari, but not currently in Internet Explorer.

One bound hard-copy is also included in your purchase and we will begin to organise delivery soon after we have received your order.

GSD2021 Data Extract

Clients who have already ordered the optional data extract can access the files at the link below.

Download the GSD2021 Data Extract

Follow the steps above to log in to our site. You’ll then be able to access a zipped folder of the separate TSV files covering the majority of the data published in the GSD2021, plus an XLSX file we have included for those who want to use Excel.

As per the order form, this data extract is for internal use within your organisation.


What is the GSD2021?

The GSD2021 is a 750+ page document that contains historical performance statistics for operating units in Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM). For each generation or storage unit within the NEM that was operational in 2021, the GSD includes:

  • a 10-year historical overview of key metrics, spanning 2012 to 2021 calendar years;
  • a 12-month detailed performance profile for the 2021 calendar year.

One notable difference for the GSD2021 is that it will include data for Q4 2021 (i.e. October to December 2021) aggregating the new five-minute trading periods that commenced with Five Minute Settlement on 1st October 2021.


The structure of the GSD2021 is largely similar to the structure of the GSD2020 and GSD2019, which came beforehand.  

For all units that operated through some portion of the 2021 calendar year (i.e. for which AEMO published some non-zero InitialMW data) we have included two pages:

A Page
10 Year Profile 2012 to 2021
B Page
12 Month Detailed Profile for the 2021 Calendar Year
The A Page for each unit contains performance and financial metrics for the previous ten calendar years (i.e. 2012 to 2021).

Metrics included on this page include monthly revenue, monthly availability and capacity factors, volume bid in price bands, unit starts, operating hours, etc.

The image below shows the A Page for ER01 (Eraring Power Station Unit 1).

Right-click to open the full image in a new tab.

The B Page for each unit contains more detailed performance and financial metrics for the previous calendar year only (i.e. 2021).

Metrics included on this page include daily output, daily availability and capacity factors, monthly revenue, hours constrained, etc.

The image below shows the B page for ER01 (Eraring Power Station Unit 1).

Right-click to open the full image in a new tab.

The advantage of this format is that it enables data to be reported on the same basis for all units!



What is the GSD2021 Data Extract?

After we released last year’s edition, we received a number of requests from clients who wanted us to collate and release a separate extract of the data contained within the final document. We completed the additional work to make the GSD2020 Data Extract available in March last year … and so we have done the same with this year’s edition.

The extract is available as an optional extra for those who wish to complete their own analysis of the data that we have calculated and processed.

There is an option to order the data extract on the order form linked above.



Who developed the GSD2021?

The GSD2021 is a collaborative project developed by two businesses providing services for market participants and other stakeholders in the NEM.

Global-Roam Pty Ltd is a software company operating in the NEM. The company is also the provider of this WattClarity service.

Global-Roam will be focused on further enhancements to its suite of software products to enable users to have ongoing visibility and understanding of the diverse range of metrics identified through this analytical process (some of which are detailed in this Generator Statistical Digest).

Greenview Strategic Consulting (GVSC) is a boutique consulting firm operating in the NEM.

GVSC will be focused on helping its client base to understand, and act on, the insights generated through this Statistical Digest and other contemporary market issues. GVSC will retain its focus on new entrants and keeping them on the right side of AEMO and the AER, with a strong focus on establishment of operational capability, strategic insight and dispatch optimisation.




The Evolution of WattClarity Deeper Insights

The GSD2021 is the fifth overall publication of WattClarity Deeper Insights, and the fourth in a series of statistical digests.  This GSD2021 follows from the GSD2020 and GSD2019 and the 300-page statistical component of the GRC2018, as shown here:

The GSD2021 is intended to be read in conjunction with GenInsights21 – the 600-page analytical report that was released on 15th December 2021 as an update to, and extension of, the 180-page analytical component in the GRC2018.