Presentation for the Clean Energy Council about VRE performance and firming

Earlier this afternoon, Linton Corbet and I were pleased to present a ‘Lunch and Learn’ session for the Clean Energy Council’s Market and Grid Directorate.


Our presentation leaned on statistics and analysis work we’ve included in our recent GSD2023 and GenInights Quarterly Update reports. We appreciated the invitation from the CEC to share some of these insights with a large and diverse audience.

Our session today covered six topics, with a short blurb about each of these below:

  1. Network Curtailment – areas of the network where wind and solar are facing significant network constraints.
  2. Economic Curtailment – the extent and spread of wind and solar units affected by unfavourable prices.
  3. FCAS – regulation costs are considerable for some units. We explored differences across the wind and solar fleet.
  4. Self-Forecasting – adoption rates and patterns in self-forecasting.
  5. High Price Capture – how effective have wind, solar and battery units been at capturing prices > $10,000/MWh?
  6. Firming Capacity – dispatchable capacity continues to be required (and used) to cover low VRE periods, but how is the amount changing?

In the coming days and weeks, both Linton and I hope to publish some snippets from the presentation here on WattClarity.

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Dan Lee
Dan Lee first started at Global-Roam in June 2013. He has departed (and returned) for a couple of stints overseas in that time, but rejoined our team permanently in late 2019. More recently, Dan's focus has been on growing his understanding of the market and developing his analytical capabilities. He is currently enrolled in the Master of Sustainable Energy program at the University of Queensland.

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