1st April 2022 is the last hurrah for Liddell unit 3

A short article this morning to mark the end of an era for Liddell unit 3 – the first unit at the four-unit station to close.  Here’s a trend this morning from the ez2view online ‘Trends Engine’ that shows the unit almost fully offline by 08:20 this morning:



Remember that AGL switched its closure schedule in May 2021 to have unit 3 (more troublesome) coming offline now and unit 4 continuing for another 12 months.

Remember that ‘The Messy Collapse of Coal’ was discussed as Key Observation #11/22 and elsewhere in GenInsights21 recently.

As noted on the chart, we see this morning that AEMO’s registration record for the unit ended at midnight this morning (i.e. earlier than it actually came offline), which has caused a few small hiccups in some ez2view widgets.  With many more of these coal units to close in the years ahead, we’ll take a look at how to allow better for these kinds of data mismatches in future.

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