Closure of Liddell

A collation of articles published on WattClarity about the closure of the 4 x unit Liddell coal-fired station in NSW, with:

(a)  1 unit closed in 2022

(b)  3 units closed in April 2023.

Too Early to Say?

Guest author, Allan O’Neil, publishes some analysis for WattClarity on price and generation mix changes apparent in the NEM coincident with (but not wholly caused by) the closure of the last remaining units at Liddell Power Station.

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We’re not building enough replacement dispatchable capacity

With completion of GenInsights Quarterly Update for Q1 2023 approaching, and following some conversations recently (and probably this week at EUAA Conference) here are two charts looking backwards just at fully dispatchable plant that highlight one of the ways in which ‘the level of risk in the NEM is escalating’.

Liddell’s ghost stalks the market

During early morning Monday 1st May prices spiked in the NSW quite unexpectedly. Guest author Allan O’Neil takes us into the complexities of the EMMS and NEMDE to help us understand the mechanics of how this happened.

Liddell’s unit 4 closes

A quick note to show the last dispatch interval of output from Lidell Unit 4, with the two remaining units slated to follow suit in the coming days.

Farewell Liddell

Guest author, Allan O’Neil, takes the release of the GSD2022 as an opportunity to take a look at the past 10 years of performance of the four-unit Liddell Power Station (one unit closed in 2022 and three to close soon in 2023), contrasting against two other black coal-fired stations.