Liddell’s unit 4 closes

Today we note the shutdown of  Liddell’s Unit 4.

By the end of the 08:25 dispatch interval, 24 April 2023, the unit had reduced output to zero.

The following chart from ez2view’s unit dashboard captures the reduction from around 224 MW at 07:45 to 0 MW over 8 dispatch intervals.

ez2view: Unit dashboard LD04

ez2view: Unit dashboard LD04


The last 30 days

Looking back over the last 30 days, ez2view’s bids and offers bid stack chart shows the unit was operating steadily in the month leading up to the shutdown at around 320 MW ( yet still well under its registered maximum capacity of 550MW).

Bid stack chart (bids and offers)

Most of the available capacity was bid at the market floor of -1000 $/MWh guaranteeing a steady run to the finish.

The chart also helps highlight about 30 MW of capacity was bid above 10,000 $/MWh, but not dispatched.

Up next…

Glancing at the MT PASA DUID availability, using last Saturday’s runs (which show this week), we can anticipate the following:

Unit 2 to shut down on the 26th. Unit 1 to shut down on the 28th.










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