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Waxing and Waning of Wind this Week

Through the week we’ve seen new highs for wind production (NEM-wide) and also some low levels of production, as well – mirroring the political debate. The challenge has serious implications, however, and the AEMO sessions mentioned might be one way to learn more.

When The Levee Breaks

Our guest author (Mike Williams) shares some practical tips for how energy users can brace themselves for the rising tsunami of energy costs

Prices yo-yo in SA this morning, as installed capacity goes missing

Following yesterday’s warnings about the potential for a tight supply/demand balance in South Australia this week, it was not really a surprise when the SMS alerts from NEM-Watch began buzzing for the 07:20 dispatch interval this morning (NEM time), highlighting that the dispatch price in SA had jumped to $12,199.20/MWh. This has continued through the morning.