[Post 1] Early AEMO forecasts look towards new record electricity demand in Queensland today

Fresh from Sunday’s astonishing electricity demand (and temperatures) across Queensland, I’ve had a quick look this morning and see that the forecast is for an even higher electricity demand level today.

This snapshot from NEM-Watch at 06:20 shows a forecast demand peak up at 9,544MW at 17:00 today:


Not shown in this snapshot (as only issued at 06:43) is the AEMO Market Notice warning of tight supply/demand balance between 16:00 and 17:00.

note, for the paranoid or the sensationalists, that it’s “only” an LOR1 notice – so no talk of loadshedding, but fair to expect high prices again…

With politicians (of all colours) seemingly more focused on “managing their message” than actually fixing the crisis that they have (collectively) created*, it promises to be another interesting day…

*and they all still wonder why “none of the above” is pretty much the most popular voting preference at elections these days.  They seem to forget that they are elected a representative of the people (not the party).

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