AEMO’s successive forecasts for NSW tomorrow paint a progressively WORSE picture

I noted quickly early this morning (snapshot from 06:10 NEM time) how AEMO was forecasting some load shedding to be required in NSW tomorrow.

Using the Forecast Convergence widget in our ez2view software, I have been progressively watching successive (half-hourly) updates today to AEMO’s forecasts for the demand curve for tomorrow, and the picture is not pretty.

Here’s a tabular view:


When measured on the same basis, the all-time maximum experienced to-date was 14,579MW – however we see forecasts tomorrow exceeding this level, and up to 14,625MW.  We can see the same data in the following graphical view:


Hence it was not really a surprise to see how the AEMO updated their Market Notice at 12:57 today to indicate the possibility of load shedding tomorrow from 15:00 to 17:00 NEM time (or 16:00 to 18:00 Sydney daylight savings time):


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