[Update 3] NSW Scheduled Demand up past 13,500MW and Reserve Margin drops

Following the 06:10 first post and update at 11:10 I’ve included this snapshot of NEM-Watch from 14:00 NEM time (so 15:00 in Sydney):


Many different observations could be made, but here are four:

1)  NSW Scheduled Demand up at 13,510MW in this dispatch interval (when compared to the 14,649MW all-time record when measured on same “Dispatch Target” basis).

2)  Demand forecast to peak up at 14,722MW in the 16:30 Trading Period (i.e. the half-hour ending 17:30 in Sydney); and

3)  Instantaneous Reserve Plant Margin in the QLD+NSW “Economic Island” down to only 12% – and forecast to go much lower (as noted on the snapshot there is only 2,712MW of spare capacity across both NSW and QLD);

4)   A Market Notice issued for the Victorian region highlights the effect that hot weather can have on many technologies used in the electricity grid:

(a)  Maximum outputs of large thermal power stations, and their efficiencies, are reduced because of high ambient temperature;

(b)  Capacity on power lines is reduced because of the high temperatures due to sag on the lines – and other challenges, such as flagged in the Market Notice highlighted above;

(c)  Air-conditioning driven electricity consumption increases (obviously);

(d)  Outputs of some solar panels might suffer at extreme temperatures;

(e)  Battery storage facilities have high temperature protection systems to protect against overheating and fire etc… (more on this later at www.BatteryStorage.info)

A stressful day for all concerned.

One would expect more maturity from our DIS”honourable” representatives than the puerile name calling and finger pointing that continues today:


As noted on Wednesday, all politicians should be hanging their heads in shame

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