Afternoon spot price volatility on a hot day in VIC and TAS … and bushfire limitations

A quick initial note with a snapshot from NEMwatch at the 15:20 dispatch interval (NEM time) to record the VIC price at $1,485.79/MWh and the TAS price at $842.20/MWh:


A couple quick notes:

1)  The Victorian ‘Market Demand’ is well out of the ‘green zone’ already today (noting the suppressing effect of rooftop PV is still having at this time), driven by high temperatures shown with BOM readings around the state;

2)  The price in VIC and Tasmania is up, as noted above

3)  Also highlighted in the Market Notices window is the MN114955 published at 14:28 with reference to bushfires in Tasmania limiting intra-regional transfer capability:


From :              AEMO
To   :              NEMITWEB1
Creation Date :     22/02/2024     14:28:11


Notice ID               :         114955
Notice Type ID          :         RECLASSIFY CONTINGENCY
Notice Type Description :         Reclassify contingency events
Issue Date              :         22/02/2024
External Reference      :         Reclassification of a Non-Credible Contingency Event: Tungatinah – Waddamana No.1 and No.2 110kV lines in TAS due to bushfire.


Reason :


Reclassification of a non-credible contingency event as a credible contingency event due to bushfire.

AEMO considers the simultaneous trip of the following circuits to now be more likely and reasonably possible. Accordingly AEMO has reclassified it as a credible contingency event.

Region: TAS

Lines: Tungatinah – Waddamana No.1 and No.2 110kV lines

Duration: 22/02/2024 14:25 until further notice
Constraint set(s) invoked: T-TUWA12_110_N-2

Manager NEM Real Time Operations



Could be an ‘interesting’ afternoon and evening?

Stay safe and cool in TAS and VIC (still recovering from Tue 13th Feb 2024), everyone.

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