VIC Demand Running above Forecasts on 22nd February 2024

As we keep our eyes on the energy market among evolving weather and bushfire conditions we see demand in VIC climbing above expectations.

… note Michael’s comment below with the hypothesis that this is due to bushfire smoke covering parts of Melbourne and hence cutting rooftop PV production.

It is likely the peak will be later this afternoon.

Currently, taken at within the 15:45 dispatch interval (4:45pm in Victoria), pictured below, we can see that last 30-minute reading of demand and non scheduled generation was high – specifically 9,404MW!

That’s a touch higher than what had been forecast earlier in the day, and earlier in time-of-day occurrence too. But will it continue?

The chart is taken from ez2view’s forecast convergence widget, focused on pre-dispatch (30-minute) forecasts:




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Linton Corbet
Linton joined Global-Roam as a software engineer and market analyst in August 2020. Prior to joining us, he worked with the AEMO for 7 years, and before that, as an air quality scientist.

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  1. Believed to be due to bushfire smoke now starting to cover the North West/West of Melbourne.

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