The ‘GSD2020 Data Extract’ is now available

It’s almost 8 weeks ago that we released the Generator Statistical Digest 2020 and delivered this to the valued clients who had pre-ordered, and also to those who ordered after release.

Since that time there have been a number of articles shared on WattClarity referencing some of the data in the GSD2020 – and we have tried to be consistent in tagging them all here, for your ease of reference.  In particular:

1)  Earlier today, Marcelle Gannon posted this updated comparison of the ‘Revenue per MW Installed’* for all solar farms that operated through the whole of 2020, utilising data compiled for the GSD2020.

* this metric, ‘Revenue per MW Installed’, a very useful metric helping to highlight those projects that might have achieved strong returns (and those whose returns might have been more challenged).  It shows top-line revenue, but not costs – one component of which Marcelle will speak to in her 3rd article in the series in the coming days.

2)  Yesterday afternoon, Daniel Lee posted this short article on ‘Some of the early references and feedback we’ve received about the GSD2020’.  There’s more to that story, though …

one other thing that a number of those who purchased the GSD2020 have raised with us (and for the GSD2019 beforehand) was the possibility of accessing some form of ‘Data Extract’ of the data contained in the thousands of charts and tables spread over the various documents.

Given the interest, this year we consciously invested some extra time through the preparation of the GSD2020 such that we are now able to begin supplying a ‘GSD2020 Data Extract’ as an optional extra on top of your purchase of the GSD2020 Electronic PDF.


(A)  What’s in the GSD2020 Data Extract

What you get is a zipped file with contents of the GSD2020 as follows:

1)  There are 12 individual .TSV files containing data provided in GSD2020 Document illustrated as follows

2)  We’ve also added a helping hand (for those who want to use in Excel) by importing these 12 files into an XLSX file with 12 tabs.


Click on the image (or here) for a bigger view.


(B)  You can now access the GSD2020 Data Extract

Please select which category your organisation falls into:


The Product This is how you to Download the GSD2020 Data Extract
… for those who have already ordered

(i.e. no-one has, at this point, as we’re just making this available today)

This is how to Order the GSD2020
… if you have not yet done so
GSD2020 Data Extract Clients who have already ordered can download the zipped collection of data files (TSV format) from the GSD2020:

GSD2020 Data Extract TSV collection

You’ll need to set up your own unique log-in, using your organisational email address in order to access:

  • it’s a 10Mb zipped collection of 12 separate TSV files covering the majority of the data published in the GSD2020, plus an XLSX file we have added in for those who want to use in Excel
  • this process works in Chrome, Edge and Safari (but not currently in Internet Explorer).

As per the order form, this is for your internal use within your organisation.

Please complete this Order Form and send back to us:

Order Form GSD2020 Data Extract

After we receive your order, we will:

(1)  Set you up with electronic access at the site above (hence be sure to specify your corporate email address); and

(2)  Deliver your hard copy of the GSD2020 Document (if you have not already been sent one); and

(3)  Process your payment and provide a tax invoice.


Two quick notes:

1)  The GSD2020 Data Extract is only available to those who have also purchased a copy of the GSD2020 Electronic PDF.

(a)  We make this stipulation because we invested considerable time in the compilation of the detailed Glossary within the PDF (which we’re not providing separately).

(b)  Hence please choose the relevant option when you place your order.

2)  Not forgetting the earlier requests for a data extract also with the 2019 document (and even for the GRC2018 before that), please note that we are unable to supply a GSD2019 Data Extract (we invested additional time making it possible for the GSD2020 this year – that’s not possible for the release last year).


We look forward to also being of assistance in this way!

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