‘Maximising profitability in the NEM’ for Wind Farms

On Thursday 17th September 2020, our Marcelle Gannon and guest author Jonathon Dyson reunited to present to an audience of around 100 people from Semi-Scheduled generators on the crucial topic of ‘Maximising profits in the NEM’ and other organisations as part of its ‘Wind Industry Forum’ online webinar series:


This followed from the webinar in May ‘Maximising value in the NEM’ with a particular focus on solar farms.

Between them, Jonathon and Marcelle represented three organisations as follows:

Marcelle works at Global-Roam Pty Ltd (we provide this WattClarity service – one of the software products we provide), and Jonathon established Greenview Strategic Consulting a number of years ago (and has been a service provider to us over that period – along with being a guest author on Wattclarity).

Both organisations were involved, along with others, in the establishment of the independent organisation, Overwatch Energy Pty Ltd.

During the September presentation I was able to tweet this snippet of Jonathon speaking about why avoiding Non-Conformance (at the AEMO) and Non-Compliance (at the AER) is crucially important to earning any return at all, over time:


I was also able to tweet this snippet of Marcelle speaking to some richer results for 2018-19 and 2019-20 financial years for Wind Farms in the NEM, which helps to illustrate why looking just at Capacity Factors is a fairly simplistic (perhaps naive) way of comparing performance of different assets – even those in the same cohort (e.g. wind farms in this case).


Marcelle had previously written about this particular aspect of what was presented on 10th September in ‘Comparing spot revenue performance across wind farms’.

Stay tuned for more take-aways arising from this presentation…

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