Report of the Liddell Taskforce

Like many people, we try to stay on top of what’s being written about the Australian energy sector in the mainstream media, and in more niche media brands focused specifically on the Australian National Electricity Market and the  energy transition.

More recently, we’ve added another reason to be doing this – related to the development of our new ‘Asset Catalog’ (which we’re progressively speaking with our clients about).  Give us a buzz if you’re a client, but have not heard from us yet and are curious about what we’re doing.

This week has clearly been one of the busier ones, due to several federal government announcements – which have (at least in part) stemmed from concerns about what might happen after the closure of Liddell Power Station (not too far away now).

Also this week, we’ve finally! seen the release of the ‘Report of the Liddell Taskforce’.   I’ve seen a number of questions asked on social media about where this report is, so thought it would be useful to link it in here:


As noted on the front cover of the report this report was finalised on 24th April but has been delayed on release for about 5 months – better late than never, I suppose?

It was released in conjunction with this Media Release entitled ‘Ensuring affordable, reliable and secure electricity supply’ from the Federal Government.  This has caused quite a stir.

For those with access to the Asset Catalog, the report has been tagged in here – and the broader set of publications relevant to Liddell Power Station are indexed here.

In response to those who have already asked me to comment on this development, I’ve nothing to say at this point in time.  Perhaps in the coming days and weeks…


For further information:

1) From 8th August 2019, here are the Terms of Reference; and

2)  From 15th September 2020, here is the Government’s response.

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