Amperon report for AEMO released, exploring attenuation of Large Solar production with bushfire smoke

As many will remember, summer 2019-20 was a doozy of a summer – not least because of these 4 Headline Challenges.

As a backdrop to these ‘pinch point’ events, the extreme heat we experienced (which had its own effects on most technology types) drove widespread bushfires which delivered loss and stress to society more broadly, but also had particular impacts on the national electricity grid and market – not the least of which was the attenuation of performance of solar PV due to smoke cover.

In the midst of summer, I did note that Alison Potter had written about ‘How much does smoke haze affect rooftop solar production’ using the data smarts being built out by our friends at Solar Analytics.

This morning I’d noticed this update here from AEMO on LinkedIn which had announced the publication of a report produced by Amperon  for AEMO aboutAttenuation of Large-Scale Solar PV Production by Bushfire Smoke in South-East Australia’:


For those with access to our new ‘Asset Catalog’ you will be able to find the report here tagged in under the 20 x Large-Scale Solar Farms studied in this analysis.   However the ‘Asset Catalog’ is only available to those who have a licence (contact us if you have questions) so I thought it would be worthwhile to include this short article here for wider future reference.

Here’s a précis of the results:



No doubt we will be referring back to this report in future…

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