‘Maximising Value in the NEM’, with a particular focus on Large Solar Farms

A short note to mark the fact that Marcelle Gannon and Jonathon Dyson jointly presented a webinar on Thursday 21st May 2020 entitled ‘Maximising Value in the NEM’:


Marcelle had flagged some of the challenges by highlighting ‘Recent  trends in spot price distribution in QLD’ here a few days beforehand.

This presentation had a particular focus on plant registered as Semi-Scheduled by the AEMO (and particularly on Large Solar plant).

The session (which lasted 90 minutes including questions from an audience of around 100 paying attendees) was organised by the Clean Energy Council as a replacement for their annual ‘Solar Industry Forum’ which is typically hosted in Brisbane around this time of the year, but can’t be this year because of COVID isolation requirements.

This session was the first of three sessions organised in the series organised by the CEC.

As I noted here on LinkedIn at the time, the general formula seems pretty simple (i.e. increase the money in, and reduce the money out) – however there’s plenty of devil in the details.  Those listening in were able to hear about, and learn what to do with, a number of those ‘devils’.


As time permits, both Jonathon and Marcelle might follow up on some of the questions raised by attendees and/or areas of detail that could not be explored fully due to time constraints, in subsequent articles here.  These linked articles should appear as trackbacks in the list below…

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