Five different aspects of assessing the “dependability” of coal-fired power (in the Generator Report Card)

Something tells me that we might be referring back to this component of the larger share of analysis in the Generator Report Card from time to time, so I’ve copied in here a page here:


This is page 27 in the 104-page Part 4 within the 5-part Generator Report Card.

It shows a figure we drew to explain some of the different ways in which we assessed the degree of “dependability” of coal-fired power in the NEM, and the extent to which that’s been changing over time – using 20 years of historical performance data as a base.

As noted in the footnote on the page, the authors deliberately chose to use the word “dependability” precisely as an attempt to help the reader focus on the intent behind the word, rather than have some readers get stuck in discussions about established industry definitions.

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