Upcoming Q&A sessions on the Generator Report Card

On Friday 31st May (as noted here) we released the Generator Report Card following a 7-month collaborative effort between the WattClarity team here at Global-Roam and the team at Greenview Strategic Consulting.  Here’s some ways that early recipients of the report card have been describing it.

One of the main points of feedback has been that it’s not until they actually see a copy that they can fully understand the breadth, and the depth of the analysis conducted and insights provided.  For this reason (and especially because we’re keen to meet with clients in order to gather their own feedback on the Report Card) we’re organising Informal Q&A sessions in capital cities as follows:


Melbourne Q&A Session

was held on Tuesday 11th June
( 5pm start)

Thanks to those who came along to our session in Melbourne on Tuesday 11th June.
Adelaide Q&A Session

was held on Thursday 27th June

(5pm start)

Thanks to those who came along to our session in Adelaide on Thursday 27th June.
Brisbane Q&A Session

was held on Tuesday 9th July
(5pm start)

Thanks to those who came along to our session in Brisbane on Tuesday 9th July.
Sydney Q&A Session

Monday 29th July
(5pm start)

We invite interested stakeholders to the Radisson Blu on O’Connell St, for a session in Sydney on Monday 29th July.

We’d welcome both:
(a)  clients who have feedback to provide us on the Report Card they have already received; and
(b)  others who do not have a copy, but are curious about all that it contains.

Please register your interest for the Sydney session here (max 2 people per organisation*) whilst spots last.

* with all of these sessions, we won’t be providing a formal presentation (i.e. no big screen or talk, etc….) but
we do want to engage in one-on-one conversation with those who are interested in the Generator Report Card.
Hence we’d like to keep numbers down to a reasonable level,
and so ask that you limit attendees to no more than 2 for your organisation.  Thank-you!


If you have other comments or questions about the Report Card, please either:

(a)  Give us a call directly on +61 7 3368 4064; or
(b)  Send us your note via this Feedback Form.

… and finally, don’t forget that:

If you already have purchased a licence…. If you would like access….
Download the Generator Report Card PDF the Order Form for the Generator Report Card is here

We look forward to learning how we can serve

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One of three founders of Global-Roam back in 2000, Paul has been CEO of the company since that time. As an author on WattClarity, Paul's focus has been to help make the electricity market more understandable.

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