price volatility

The Contagion of Scarcity

Guest author, Josh Stabler of Energy Edge, provides a look into the ‘contagion of scarcity’ events impacting the market since mid-May 2021.

Biggest price shock in history

Carl Daley of EnergyByte, examines recent energy and gas price volatility, leading to the conclusion that the May to July period in QLD and NSW has been the biggest shock to the spot market in history, and the forward price movements are rivalling the record setting year of 2007.

Evening volatility on Tuesday 15th June 2021

It was volatile this morning well past that’s become ‘normal’ and the volatility has returned (as I expected it would) this evening. Here’s the snapshot of the 17:20 dispatch interval from one of our NEMwatch v10 dashboards: As highlighted: 1) …