High prices being served up again in SA on Tuesday evening

Last night, Paul wrote a short article about the spot market volatility that was spread across the four mainland states of the NEM, with SA experiencing the most severe of the price spikes.

High prices are on the menu again in SA this evening. At the time of writing (6:08pm AEST or the 18:10 dispatch interval) the SA spot price has been in quadruple digits for most of the past hour, hitting a peak of $9,941.06 in the 18:00 dispatch interval. The increasingly common early evening price spikes across the NEM have been less severe in the other four regions so far this evening.

The screenshot below is from my copy of ez2view and was taken at 06:08pm AEST. Here I have the trading prices widget open for each of the five NEM regions – from left to right: SA, VIC, NSW, QLD and TAS. The widget displays the trading price for the previous 12 intervals, and displays the P5 forecast for upcoming dispatch intervals.

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Dan Lee first started at Global-Roam in June 2013. He has departed (and returned) for a couple of stints overseas in that time, but rejoined our team permanently in late 2019. More recently, Dan's focus has been on growing his understanding of the market and developing his analytical capabilities. He is currently enrolled in the Master of Sustainable Energy program at the University of Queensland.

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