Case Study of Friday 8th Dec 2023 (big gyrations in Aggregate Scheduled Target)

As noted via WattClarity at the time, ‘NEM-wide ‘Market Demand’ peaks above 30,000MW on Friday 8th December 2023 … first time since July’.

As part of the number crunching for GenInsights Quarterly Updates for 2023 Q4 (as we have in preceding issues, and before that in GenInsights21) we look at the incidence of large instances of Aggregate Scheduled Target (i.e. AggSchedTarget) as the best metric to trend and understand as an indication of the emerging requirements for different types of firming capacity, as the coal units progressively close.

Quarter 4 2023 has revealed a number of ‘interesting’ days – with Friday 8th December 2023 being just one of those.  Apologies to readers here that this is a short and somewhat cryptic post that is intended to link together with commentary and further analysis within the 2023 Q4 report.


Some large extremes of ΔAggSchedTarget

In this first chart here, we show some large extremes of ΔAggSchedTarget (in both directions) through the day:


There’s some large ramps up (not the largest in the quarter) and some large ramps down (including the largest in the quarter).


Absolute AggSchedTarget through the day

In this second chart, rather than showing the ramp from one dispatch interval to the next, we show the absolute levels:


Note that the y-axis has been zoomed to show increased scale.


We might come back to this day later and add more here …

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