Aggregate Scheduled Target (AggSchedTarget)

First introduced in Appendix 15 within GenInsights21, this metric:

1)   is calculated individually for all ~110,000 dispatch intervals each year

2)  represents the simple sum of dispatch targets for all supply-side units that are fully dispatchable in the NEM:

(a)  Hence it includes the older thermal technology (coal, gas and liquid-fired), hydro and also batteries and negawatts.

(b)  The one criteria is that the units must be fully dispatchable … so this does not take account of Targets for Semi-Scheduled units (which don’t have to follow targets) and Non-Scheduled units (which don’t even get given  targets).

(c)  Being fully dispatchable is just one component of the ‘keeping the lights on services’ we first wrote about in the GRC2018.


More to be added…