As at 07:35 – P30 for ‘Market Demand’ in QLD for Monday 22nd Jan 2024 still forecast a new all-time maximum

A short (and first) article this morning, in a day where I expect there will be quite a few – given weather and so market conditions in the QLD region of the NEM.

Here’s an updated view of the 2 x ‘Forecast Convergence’ widget display in ez2view at 07:35 NEM time:


We saw (early Sunday afternoon) that ‘AEMO’s current forecast sees 3.5 hours in QLD with ‘Market Demand’ above 10,000MW on Mon 22nd Jan 2024’ – well, by ‘looking up a vertical’ in the window shown above, we see that the forecast is now that

1)  there’d be a span of 3 hours with ‘Market Demand’ above 10,000MW;

2)  and that (in the forecast shown here, produced for 07:30 Monday morning) the peak would be 10,303MW at 17:30

… remembering Tripwire #1 and Tripwire #2 in relation to AEMO’s P30 predispatch forecast process

3)  which would still mean a new all-time record for QLD ‘Market Demand’ .

4)  Also shown (on the left) are the forecasts for LOR1 Low Reserve Condition for QLD this evening.


Stay tuned ….

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