AEMO’s current forecast sees 3.5 hours in QLD with ‘Market Demand’ above 10,000MW on Mon 22nd Jan 2024

It’s the middle of the day on a hot and humid Sunday 21st January 2024 and I thought I’d use ‘Forecast Convergence’ in ez2view to take a look at what the current forecast is for ‘Market Demand’ in QLD for tomorrow evening (Monday 22nd January 2024).

In this first image we’ve two copies of the same widget side-by-side, with the table on the left able to highlight that the most extreme levels of demand forecast for QLD on Monday 22nd January 2024 are ‘old’ forecasts produced in the middle of the day Friday:


Since those extreme forecasts (which said demand might reach >10,700MW at its peak on Monday) we see the colours cooled somewhat ‘looking up that vertical’ … but it seems the colours are strengthening again more recently.

In this second image we’ve taken just the ‘Grid’ view on the left and zoomed in to Monday evening, to be able to see (and read) the four most recent forecasts:


The forecast right at the top is the one produced for the 12:00 trading period (NEM time) on Sunday 21st January … and it shows a 31/2 hour period over Monday evening with demand reaching well above 10,000MW.

If these levels were to come to pass, then we’d easily break the 3-day old ‘all time maximum’ level seen on Friday 19th January 2024.

Stay tuned…

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