QLD’s turn at new lowest point for minimum demand (in ordinary times)

Yesterday we saw new all-time lowest demand records for VIC, SA  and NEM-wide … along with sky-high

Today (Sunday 17th September) it’s QLD’s turn, with this snapshot from NEMwatch at 11:20 showing QLD ‘Market Demand’ at 3,211MW … though:

(a)  at this point it had been lower (at 3,201MW for the 10:25 dispatch interval); and

(b)  it might fall further still today … and is likely to further into spring.


This level represents the a new ‘lowest ever in ordinary* times’.

* excluding, of course, the low point struck because of UFLS in the aftermath of the Callide C4 Catastrophe.

The level today is below the prior lowest point of 3,250MW seen on Sunday 20th August 2023, which itself was lower than the preceding record (of 3,311MW in September 2022).


More to come?

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