QLD minimum ‘Market Demand’ (in ordinary times) drops lower still, on Sunday 1st October 2023

A short article for Sunday morning 1st October 2023 as the SMS alerts started at the 09:40 dispatch interval.

Here’s also a snapshot from NEMwatch at the 10:50 dispatch interval, highlighting that the ‘Market Demand’ at this point (at 3,181MW) is lower than the previous ‘lowest ever*’ recorded on Sunday 17th September 2023 (3,201MW at 10:25, just 2 weeks ago).

* by ‘ever’ we should highlight that this is ‘in ordinary times’, so excluding the low points reached on 25th May 2021 after the UFLS kicked in following the explosion at Callide C4.


But that’s not the lowest point it has already reached today 3,016.91W at 10:30 – and is likely to drop lower still before the end of the day.


PS1 new lowest point for Operational Demand

As a short PS to this article, the ‘Operational Demand’ dropped as low as 3,131MW for the half-hours ending 11:00 and 11:30 on the day.  At a quick scan, this also appears to be below the prior lowest (in ordinary times) point.



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