Demand forecast ‘warming’ for QLD for Tuesday afternoon 2nd February 2022

We’ve been focused on other parts of the ez2view enhancement process this morning, but (in the process) I have been keeping an eye on what’s forecast for QLD later today in the ‘Forecast Convergence’ widget (keeping in mind yesterday’s forecasts for extreme demand today).

I thought I’d quickly share this snapshot of 2 overlaid windows each containing the same widget – but different representations of successive forecasts by AEMO of the ‘Market Demand’ metric.  Here’s a snapshot at 13:20 NEM time early afternoon, looking forward for the remainder of the day:


As noted on the image, the high-point for ‘Market Demand’ is currently expected to be up at 10,061MW in the 17:00 dispatch/trading period – which would be just above the the all-time maximum set at 10,052MW in the 16:55 dispatch interval on Wednesday 13th February 2019.

What’s more, in recent half-hour updated by the AEMO, the forecast for 17:00 has been creeping upwards.

Furthermore, in the ‘Grid’ window un

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