Further delays in RTS for Callide B1 and C3 (earlier for B2)

Back on Tuesday 1st June I noted about some delays to the return-to-service for the three serviceable Callide units (Callide B1, B2 and C3).  At that time, the expectation was that:
(1)  Callide B1 would become available to the market again today (Friday 11th June)
(2)  Callide B2 would be back on Monday 21st June;
(3)  With Callide C3 available Tuesday 22nd June.

Since that time I had not been keeping tabs on that data in the ‘MT PASA DUID Availability’ widget in ez2view, more focused on other things (like preparations for 5MS and WDRM … including navigating these three tripwires) and some distractions thrown in by broader volatility that’s been occurring through May and June (at least so far).

But I’d remembered that the first unit was scheduled to be back for the weekend, so thought I’d open up that widget in ez2view again for a quick look….


(A)  Delay in Return to Service (RTS) for Callide B1, B2 and C3

Unfortunately it’s not great news for those seeking a respite from the evening volatility (yesterday evening was one of the bigger events).

Here’s a view of the current data in the widget this morning … comparing the 09:00 data update from AEMO with the one published at 18:00 on Tuesday 1st June (i.e. the one referenced here):


As we can see now:

1)  Callide B1 is delayed on return a couple days … now back (but only at Minimum Load) on Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th June – followed by full load capability on Thursday 17th June

2)  In some better news, looks like Callide B2 is going to be available a day earlier (on Sunday 20th June);

3)  But the return to service of Callide C3 has slipped by 11 days, now not returning till Saturday 3rd July 2021.

NEM stakeholders should be factoring the delays on these 2 units into their pricing expectations for the remainder of Q2, and into Q3….

There’s not been any update in the news section of the CS Energy website since the note on 1st June 2021 that accompanied their initial delay of the RTS (i.e. the one referenced here on WattClarity).

(B)  No change for RTS for Callide C4

Extending the look-ahead range out until August 2022, we see no change in the expected RTS for Callide C4 (i.e. Friday 17th June 2022) … but I expect there will still be a fair element of ‘wet finger in the air’ about that prognosis still, and will be for a while to come…

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