Yallourn unit 3 re-joins Yallourn unit 1 back online

On Friday I speculated about possible impact of flooding on Yallourn power station, and on Saturday was able to confirm by referencing more data.  In that second article I noted how Yallourn had down to only one unit (YWPS1) over the weekend to conserve coal.

We noted this ‘EnergyAustralia statement on the Yallourn mine’ published yesterday, Monday 14th June 2021.

This morning I see in ez2view that there are now two units online … with YWPS3 re-joining YWPS1 in the mix.  Here’s a snapshot of the ‘Station Details’ widget from 06:50 morning of the whole station:


This is how YWPS1 has operated (using the ‘Unit Dashboard’ widget) from 06:45:


We can only see generator bids up until the 04:00 dispatch interval this morning as they are for yesterday’s market day and ‘next day public’.  Here’s the same ‘Unit Dashboard’ widget view, switched to YWPS3:


This might seem to suggest that the ‘limited mining activity’ (discussed in the media release from EnergyAustralia yesterday) is managing to supply fresh coal to replenish the unit bunkers?

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