… meanwhile, down at Loy Yang A…

With our attention focused on other initiatives (like our work in the battery storage area) and then an afternoon/evening post about the highest demand seen so far this summer in Queensland, we have scant time to dig into the details of what’s been going on at Loy Yang A.

Frequent readers will recall these comments posted late in 2016 about talk of a strike at Loy Yang A, perhaps affecting coal supplies to Loy Yang B as well, over the Christmas period.  The strike did not go ahead, but the dramas continue.

We did notice, however, that the ABC and the Oz and the FinReview (along with others) reported that the Fair Work Commission had agreed to terminate the EBA at the center of the stand-off between AGL Energy and unions at Loy Yang A power station.  Over at the Age, we see that their article goes further – talking about the possibility of mass resignations at the station as a result, which would surely put the plant out of action for a long period of time.

1)  With the weather forecast for Victoria showing some high temperatures currently plugged for Tuesday next week (which may flow through to higher demand levels – though not currently showing huge levels in AEMO’s ST PASA forecasts) and the world’s media focused on Melbourne because of the Aussie Open, sounds like a recipe for much more to come…

2)  I note that this article from the ABC seems to imply that the pay cuts would not happen until 1st May, which might mean another month or two before the resignations happened if a new EBA cannot be negotiated – which might put it around the same time as the Hazelwood closure.  Hmmm….

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