AEMO releases ‘Quarterly Energy Dynamics’ for Q4 2020

Third short article today is just a quick one to note that the AEMO has published its ‘Quarterly Energy Dynamics’ publication for Q4 2020:


This has accompanied a number of pieces of commentary about it I have seen in various media articles:

1)  Early this morning I noted that Giles Parkinson had written “World first: South Australia achieves 100% solar, and lowest prices in Australia” on RenewEconomy in reference to the QED.

2)  In the Australian, Perry Williams had written “NSW power prices surge after outage” also referencing the QED.

3)  In PV Magazine, David Williams has written “South Australia leads way in winding back of demand” also referencing the QED.

N)  Will add others in later


I see this as a great (and synergistic) coincidence as on Monday next week (1st Feb 2020) will see the release of our collaboratively-developed Generator Statistical Digest 2020.  This is because the documents are really great companions for each other:

Document #1)  AEMO’s QED (linked above) is probably the best regular publication to provide a top-down view of key changes occurring in the market;

Document #2)  The GSD2020  provides a great bottom-up view of the performance of all DUIDs individually.

Perhaps at some point we will have time to contribute articles drawing from both of them…

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