AEMO tenders for Short-Notice RERT Panel for Summer 2020-21

We’ve just ticked over into August, which means the first bites of heat (and stress) in Summer 2020-21 might be less than 4 months away.

For those people who’ve forgotten the specifics of why the prior summer was so stressful, only a couple weeks ago I put together this broad overview of what I saw as the Four Headline Challenges of summer 2019-20.

This year we have the added complications of COVID-19, which look almost certain to be still playing some kind of role in summer 2020-21.

A quick note to flag that, this morning (Monday 3rd August) the AEMO has called for expressions of interest for Short Notice RERT Panel members for all 5 regions of the NEM.


1)  This general page currently provides links to information relevant to the coming summer; but

2)  Because that page is likely to be updated further after the coming summer has passed, I’ve added a more permanent link to:
(a)  The Expression of interest document; and
(b)  The RERT Panel Agreement 2020-21; and
(c)  The ’Returnable Information Spreadsheet’ for 2020-21.


August is the month where AEMO will release the latest update of the Electricity Statement of Opportunities 2020.  This is very much related to what the RERT Panel might be asked to deliver.

1)  As per prior years we will look forward to taking a look at what’s forecast in the ESOO when it is published, to the extent that time permits.

2)  Some of the prior articles on the ESOO have been tagged here.

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