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Making demand response work with negative prices

A recent development over in the WEM (paying energy users to consume, when there’s too much solar and wind) highlights the lack of foresight in the NEM … where we’ve implemented a significant reform (yet to start) that will do nothing to address negative prices.

Observing Easter Saturday, a little belatedly

Guest author, Allan O’Neil, invests some time to explore a number of different aspects of Easter Saturday (11th April 2020), each noteworthy in their own right (including low demand, high percentage share renewables, negative prices and dynamic bidding)

Price Energy Harvest

The term ‘Price Energy Harvest’ is one that we coined and applied in the Generator Statistical Digest 2019. (A)  Why is the ‘Price Energy Harvest’ important? The NEM is perhaps the…

(Generators) avoiding negative prices

Some of this content was originally posted in this article on 8th November 2019 “3rd Case Study – Tailem Bend Solar Farm in SA Region on Wednesday 6th November 2019”…

Five Minute Settlement

From the start of the NEM (13th December 1998) through until 30th June 2021, the NEM has operated with 5 minute dispatch and 30-minute settlement. As a result of a…

Puzzling through three rule change requests

Some ideas that I have been puzzling over – about the overlaps and contradictions between 3 rule changes under consideration at the AEMC currently
1) The Demand Response Mechanism (better known as the Negawatt buyback mechanism)
2) The Bidding in Good Faith deliberation
3) The Requirement for Price-Responsive (large) Demand to bid into central dispatch