Autumn 2023 in the NEM

A second (still rushed) look at volatility in NSW very early on Monday 1st May 2023 … a possible snag with Liddell retirement from market data systems?

Taking a second look at the very early morning volatility in the NSW region on Monday 1st May 2023, we’ve used the ‘Constraint Dashboard’ widget in ez2view to get so far … and then added some *speculation* about how it might have been related to the retirement of Liddell from market systems. Is this accurate?

Liddell’s unit 4 closes

A quick note to show the last dispatch interval of output from Lidell Unit 4, with the two remaining units slated to follow suit in the coming days.

Splitting the ‘X5 constraint’ into two … double trouble?

From 08:00 (NEM time) this morning, the old ‘X5 constraint’ (i.e. formerly formally known as ‘N^^N_NIL_3’) has been split into two (i.e. addressing separately risk of tripping of either/both Bendigo to Kerang 220kV line and Bendigo to Shepparton 220kV line). Here’s a first quick look…