2022 – June – QLD (12th) and NSW, SA and VIC (13th) hit Cumulative Price Cap

On Sunday evening, 12th June 2022 the Queensland Region (after threatening for some weeks) exceeded the Cumulative Price Threshold and Administered Pricing was imposed.

In just under 24 hours, the NSW region followed QLD to the CPT and hence Administered Pricing.

Before midnight ending Monday 13th June 2022 both SA and then VIC had joined the other two.

Here’s a collation of articles written pertaining to this.

Stepping to suspension

With all regions of the NEM having been suspended by AEMO on Wednesday 15th June 2022, guest author Allan O’Neil takes an initial look at what’s visible in terms of operations in the NEM.

ASX issues response to AEMO announcement of Market Suspension

Following yesterday’s announcement of Market Suspension by the AEMO, ASX issued this response … but I’ve only had time to copy this in now: ASX Electricity Futures and Options – Response to AEMO announcement Notice reference number: 0649.22.06  Date published: 15/06/22  Effective…

Two articles on LinkedIn that might be useful reading contrasting the two different Compensation Processes (i.e. AEMO Directions and AEMC APC)

Despite it being overtaken by today’s Market Suspension, with its own compensation arrangements – still might be useful for readers to be aware of these two sources of discussion about the two different sources of compensation that seemed to be at play for a few days under Administered Price Caps (APC) following Cumulative Price Threshold (CPT) being reached.