File creation times for P5MIN drop, prior to the end of the Market Suspension

As the last article this evening, I’ll just leave you with this chart which we produced Friday afternoon at our ‘beer o’clock’ demo time and wind down into the weekend:


Given everything that was happening in the system/market during the period beginning Sunday 12th June when the QLD region was the first to exceed the CPT and so enter Administered Pricing, through until when the Market Suspension was lifted on Friday 24th June, it’s no surprise at all to see that:

1)  NEMDE struggled to produce P5MIN predispatch files at around the 40 second mark that’s typical of ‘normal’ times

2)  More difficult to see clearly because of smaller scale, but there also a blow-out in the production of DISPATCHIS files as well over the same time range.

For background, note that we’ve been watching file creation time increasingly closely over the past 18 months as we’ve been assisting a growing number of clients with data feeds or various forms:

1)  mostly access to Hosted MMS in Azure – either just with public data, but sometimes also including their private data as well

2)  but sometimes via other mechanisms as well.

Our of this monitoring has come a number of articles on WattClarity, including:


Date Exploration

15th August 2021

We first published ‘Do you know what’s causing some increased latency on P5MIN data files on MarketNet in recent weeks (Potential Tripwire #4)?’ in the lead-up to Five Minute Settlement .

7th October 2021

Worth noting in here that we also took an ‘Initial look at the latency of all rebids’ on 7th October 2021 … which is determined (at least in part) by the file creation latency at the AEMO.

16th November 2021

We wrote a second article about Ongoing file creation delays in P5 predispatch data at AEMO’.

4th December 2021

On 4th December 2021 we saw some good news with Two recent improvements (in late November 2021) by AEMO …’ – with one improvement being reduced latency in file creation.

15th February 2022

On 15th February we wondered was ‘NEMDE under strain?’ in relation to an escalation in file creation times.

25th February 2022

On 25th February 2022 we posted with some ‘Updated (and extended) latency statistics for P5MIN file creation at AEMO’ … including a view back to August 2018 as follows (based on data we had easily to hand):


As we can see in this image:

1)  the more recent concerns began in July 2021 … hence our articles about this.

2)  There is certainly a pronounced (and sustained) jump in Maximums (i.e. orange) compared to the earlier part of 2021 and late 2020…

3)  But what we also noted was the pronounced rise in the grey (Median) and yellow (Average) bars as well.

Saturday 18th June 2022

At the start of that period, we published ‘File creation times at AEMO for DISPATCHIS and P5MIN increase 50%, coincident [CAVEAT] with Administered Pricing and Market Suspension’ on Saturday 18th June 2022.

Saturday 9th July 2022

Which brings us this article today, on the other side of Market Suspension.


We will continue to keep an eye on this type of performance metric …

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