detailed analysis

Initial look at the latency of all rebids

Following from some analytical work performed in testing for Five Minute Settlement, here’s a view of latency of rebids (all DUIDs, all commodities) in recent months that prompts a number of questions…

Where’d the wind go, during the last week of April?

Over the week that has just passed we kept noticing production from wind farms across the NEM was fairly muted – so we’ve had a look at what it meant, in aggregate daily capacity factors. This is something we’re exploring much deeper in Generator Insights 2021…

Cranking the handle, to produce the Generator Statistical Digest 2020

In the same week that the Energy Security Board publishes it’s ‘The Health of the NEM’ reports, looking from a top-down systems perspective, we crank the handle to produce the ‘Generator Statistical Digest 2020’ as a bottom-up 10-year review of the performance of all Scheduled, Semi-Scheduled and some Non-Scheduled generators and scheduled loads across the NEM that operated through some part of 2020.